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“A Cinematic Masterpiece”. “Newcomers Anthony Tyler and John C. Reid deliver performances worthy of award-winning honors”. What is it, you ask?  The movie in question is “Eyes Reversed”. A feature film that showcases the comedic, suspenseful, and dramatic take on urban life by unknown newcomers Anthony Tyler & John C. Reid, Jr. This urban drama is the story about two of D.C.’s top detectives, Cortez and Owens [played by Tyler and Reid, respectively]. Both, honest and humble cops since the beginning are committed to rid the streets of the same senseless drug violence that claimed the life of Cortez’s brother. The culprit who is believed to be responsible for this activity is Pakistani Druglord, Vinny Cerreti. He is a very influential figure whose tactics have rendered many helpless except these two detectives.  With only 48 hours to solve the case, along with an unlikely alley, the two dubbed by their friends and enemies alike as ‘supercops’ take down Cerreti’s organization.

‘A Visual & Artistic Stunner’, it’s no wonder audiences and and fans are touting it as “The Surprise Breakthrough of the year” and provides the perfect vehicle for Reid & Tyler to take their well deserved place among seasoned actors. This film written and directed by Tyler is sure to open the doors of stardom.